40th Anniversary Celebration

PIFS 40th - Invitation-4.17.18



It’s hard to believe that Putnam Indian Field School will celebrate its 40th anniversary in the spring.

When Fred Wierdsma led the merger of two small nursery schools to create PIFS, he couldn’t possibly have imagined the legacy he was building and the many amazing students who would fall in love with learning and adventures because of him. But then again… maybe the Pied Piper knew exactly what he was doing.

Fred loved nothing more than a PIFS party. We hope to make him proud and honor his legacy when we celebrate PIFS’s 40th anniversary on Saturday, June 9, 2018 on campus with a reunion of alumni and past parents.

We couldn’t make this possible without an incredible committee of PIFS alumni families and faculty:

Kim Augustine
Sue Delepine
Susan Detchon
Erin Dodds
Bobbi Eggers
Icy Frantz
Karen James
Janet John
Sharon Kinney
Anne Martine Cook
Anna Povinelli
Marianne Riess
Heather Sahrbeck
Magali Swanson

If you would like to get involved or to RSVP, please contact Karen Hopp.

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