November… Planting Season?

By Erin Dodds, Chairman of the Green Committee

Late fall is a great time to plant milkweed since Mother Nature can handle the cold stratification for you! It’s an easy way to avoid having damp milkweed seeds lying around your refrigerator in the spring. The PIFS Green Committee will be in the lobby soon to distribute seed packets to anyone who wants to create pollinator friendly spots in their yard at home.

Tips for planting milkweed in the fall:

  1. Clear away mulch or rocks that might block growth of the seedlings in the spring.
  2. Water the area so the soil is saturated.
  3. Put on your garden gloves and stick your index finger into the soil up to your first knuckle.
  4. Gently place seed in the hole and cover with soil.
  5. Leave close to 4 inches between each seed. I’ve heard some people make an L with their fingers and use that distance as an approximate measurement.

What’s Cooking

We are deep into apple season! If you have too many left over from your weekend apple picking adventures, try this great recipe for apple and celeriac soup from greenhouse manager Daniel Bartush of Stone Barns.

What’s Happening

OMG the GEC is Now the GBC!

For those of you new to Greenwich, The Garden Education Center has been a wonderful resource for plant lovers for 60 years. Under the direction of new president, Meg Kaicher, they’ve been re-named The Greenwich Botanical Center and have a full schedule of fun, autumnal activities for kids and adults!

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