Distance Learning 2020

PIFS Distance Learning Video & Project Library

Hellos from your PIFS Friends!

Hello from Mrs. D!
Hello from Sarah & the Science Room Animals!
Hello from Duke!


Water and an Oil & Water Experiment
What is Water? and Rain Experiment
Make Static Electricity with Sarah 
Feeding the PIFS Fish with Sarah
Flight of the Bumble Bee
Feeding the Hungry PIFS Fish with Sarah

Nature & Exploring

Signs of Spring with Chace 
Nature Hike with Chris (I)
Nature Hike with Chris (II)
Nature Hike with Chris (III) – Beavers!
Chace in the Garden
Play “Look Once Look Again” with Sarah
Planting Herbs Using Egg Shells with Sarah
Mr. & Mrs. Duck Visit Sarah’s Swimming Pool
Planting with Anne
Sarah’s Perennial Garden Part 1 & 2
Planting with Sue Delepine


Jungle Yoga with Kelly
I am Yoga with Diane
Unicorn Yoga with Kelly
Garden Yoga
Mountain, Crescent Moon, Tree and Downward Dog with Kelly


Taco Tuesday with Alba & Olga
Ice Cream in a Bag recipe with Beryl & Betsy
Healthy Worms in Dirt Cups recipe with Beryl & Betsy



Art & Projects

Make a Book with Debbie, Turn it into a Hardcover Sketchbook, and Add Pages!