The most captivating feature of the Science Room is a 50-square-foot touch tank containing fish, crabs, mussels and other inhabitants of Long Island Sound, which invites hands on exploration.

The room is also home to bunnies, a guinea pig, and a blue crayfish. In addition to observing and caring for the animals, the children learn about concepts like hibernation, migration and nesting.

The sun, moon and solar system are other subjects for exploration and discussion.


Organic Gardens

Our seven organic flower and vegetable gardens are an extension of our classrooms. Children take part in planting and caring for the gardens, personally experiencing the natural world and connecting them to sources of their food and to healthy life choices. We gather together as a community each spring at the beginning of our growing season to celebrate planting the seedlings begun and nurtured by the children. The vegetable gardens provide tasty additions to our lunches and snacks and the flowers produced by our butterfly garden are enjoyed by all while supporting the insects that are important for our environment.