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Special thanks to Dr. Erik Cohen and Dr. Vidya Anegundi from Next Generation Pediatrics and to Hala Si-Ahmed of AaHa Restart Cleanse for meeting with parents at PIFS on Wednesday to discuss nutrition. If you missed the program, please take a look at the family friendly recipes!

Also, please stop by Mike’s Organic Warehouse MRKT on Thursday, April 26, 9:00 a.m.-Noon and pick up fresh, organic produce, grass-fed meats and dairy, plus other local goodies. Mike is donating 10% of sales during that time back to PIFS! Support our school and stock up on healthy groceries at the same time.”

425 Fairfield Avenue
Building 1 (in the back)
Stamford, off of exit 6




  • Oatmeal with fresh berries, bananas, apples or nuts seasoned with cinnamon, honey or maple syrup
  • Yogurt parfait: plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit or fruit preserves and granola
  • Eggs: scrambled, hard-boiled, omelette, etc.
  • Hearty smoothies
  • Homemade granola


  • Tomato soup with melted cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Hummus sandwich in pita bread
  • Peanut butter with jelly sandwich on whole wheat
  • Chicken noodle soup with veggies
  • Turkey avocado sandwich


  • Cut veggies (carrots, cucumbers, etc) with hummus or dressing for dipping
  • Cut fruit (apples, bananas, etc) with peanut or almond butter
  • Homemade smoothie with greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  • Rice cakes with cheese or hummus or guacamole
  • Dried fruit/raisins and/or nuts

FAMILY FRIENDLY MEALS – Click for AaHa Family Recipes

  • Lebanese “stuffing”: Spiced rice with ground meat
  • Whole roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and asparagus
  • Quick turkey bolognese with spaghetti or zoodles
  • Chicken vegetable soup with quinoa or pasta
  • “Popeyes”: Spinach and ground chicken
  • Roasted salmon with rice and broccoli
  • Basic filet mignon with oven sweet potato fries

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