Parent Committees

One of the greatest strengths of Putnam Indian Field School is its tradition of parent involvement. The many talents and contributions of our parents are essential to the school’s success in reaching its educational goals.




President, Laura Sullivan

Sara Bartow
Billy Butcher
Jamie Denis
Demetrios Dounis
Jessica Fenton
Alexandra Friedman
Emily Garrett

Jaclyn Glazer
Keeley Hynes
Maggie Keeshan
Molly McDonnell Raymond
Kosanna Poon
Daisy Sanders



The Education Committee consists of school parents and the Head of School. It is chaired by a member of the Board of Trustees. The Education Committee functions as a liaison between parents and faculty to ensure open communication on educational issues.

The committee meets to discuss opportunities to explain or improve the curriculum and/or educational environment, and to reflect on the opportunities for positive change as reflected in the comments and assessments volunteered in the family and staff surveys.

In addition, the committee sponsors talks and workshops on educational topics and parenting issues of interest to the Putnam Indian Field School community.


The Green Committee supports the school’s efforts to make PIFS a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable learning environment.  The committee serves as a resource to administration, providing research and guidance for such initiatives as improving cleaning products and the quality of the food served. The Green Committee also plans our organic garden initiatives, hosting fall and spring clean up events and coordinating the spring planting of our vegetable and flower gardens. The garden programs provide all students valuable experience in nurturing seedlings, planting, composting, and harvesting vegetables.


The mission of the Parents’ Activities Committee (PAC) is two-fold: to build and nurture a sense of community at Putnam Indian Field School by offering our children and their families educational, entertaining and enriching events; and to demonstrate our gratitude to Putnam’s talented and dedicated staff and teachers.

Throughout the year, PAC functions as the PIFS PTA. It sponsors events in support of the mission funded by a one-time Activities Fee included in the first semester tuition bill. These events fall into several categories: community-building, educational and entertaining, as well as staff appreciation events. The Community Service Committee falls under the domain of PAC and typically plans both local and international outreach events each year.

The Putnam Indian Field School has a strong tradition of parental involvement. PAC relies on the energy and leadership of the parent body to help achieve its goals. Every Putnam parent is a member of PAC, and parents choose many ways to be involved. Some enjoy taking a leadership role as an event chair and others prefer to be class parents. Class parents provide support to teachers in the classroom by helping organize car pools for field trips and planning year end parties. They also serve as liaisons for mobilizing volunteers to assist with PAC-sponsored events.