Campus & Facilities

Set amid three acres in central Greenwich, our school campus sets itself apart from other nursery schools. Our spacious campus uniquely boasts three separate age-appropriate playgrounds, recognizing that the outdoor play needs change dramatically from our youngest toddlers to our oldest learners.

The school prides itself in putting children in close contact with nature. Our nature trail and natural tree platforms encourage a close relationship with animals and plants. Our many gardens allow little hands to plant flowers, to explore soil and to watch nature grow before them. Annual traditions such as our autumn Pumpkin patch provide additional opportunities for children to explore and play outside.

In addition to seven wonderful classrooms, Putnam also offers “specials” rooms dedicated entirely to hands-on learning. One of our specials rooms is our beloved science room that features many schools pets, such as rabbits, turtles, frogs and guinea pigs. Every spring, the children can watch the cycle of life with the hatching of eggs into baby chicks – always exciting for children and teachers! From rocks to seashells to amphibians, our young scientists develop a strong affinity for nature amd the environment.

Our two art rooms allow the children to explore many different mediums of self-expression. Whether finger painting or “footprint” painting, using clay or glue, or building structures out of wood, the children gain an early respect for the artist within. The art rooms also allow the children to participate in water play, sand play, and similar hands-on sensory activities. Our recently acquired kilm enables the children to paint, glaze and fire their clay creations.

We also have a separate spacious multi-purpose room where the children love to run around, play games and exercise.